Sik Silk – The Streetwear Success Story

Who are Sik Silk?
When three friends from Scarborough in the United Kingdom, Barry Gill, Sam Kay and David Thomson set out to create something original, they hit a home run with Sik Silk. These guys were best friends with one thing in common, a love for streetwear fashion. In the beginning they started by designing Caps. Wanting to create something different and original the caps had that Sik Silk signature crest logo embroidered on the front giving it that distinct look that we are all so familiar with now. The caps went on fire and desired by every who’s who in the streetwear scene, from there it wasn’t long after where they spotted a gap in the market for trends that were happening in the states but unavailable in the UK.

The Sik Silk Baseball Tee 2012
After realizing there was nothing like that in Europe, The Baseball tee is where the magic happened and the brand started to snowball and gather momentum. The guys set out to take advantage and copy the look with their own version. Sik Silk from the start has always set themselves miles apart from the rest by creating something unique, beautiful and on trend. The true genius was their vision was where to bring streetwear looks but with a different twist.

Barry said: “We found out you couldn’t get American apparel in England. We realized it was about to become really popular and managed to start doing it a year before it really took off.”

“We released a baseball jersey and sold them to start with. The big moment came when we got our first store interest.”

Quote Credit The Scarborough News

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