If the package and / or content is damaged when you receive it, notify it immediately at the site.
Jive Streetwear always sends an order confirmation to the email you specified before we ship the goods to you.
Our packages are shipped with Schenker and Bussgods.
Shipping costs:
Shipping cost is around SEK 99.00
Jive Streetwear uses two freight modes, the ones we use are described below.


Smaller orders are delivered as letters.


The following applies to email notifications.

    • Used for delivery with Post parcels or Letter mail advance
    • An email message is sent to you the same day the shipment arrives at the delivery point, which is normally the first weekday after we send the shipment.
    • If the shipment is not picked up after three days, you will receive a reminder via email
    • If the shipment is still not picked up after ten days, you will receive a reminder via letter-avi
    • NOTE! You always need to identify yourself when the package is downloaded


– We will send your parcel to the nearest postal delivery point where you will be able to pay your order when you pick it up.
– Free shipping on orders for 1000 SEK or more
-In the case of post-attempted payment there is an entry fee of SEK 50


You have full return and exchange rights within 14 days of receipt of the goods, provided that you have not used the goods and that they are returned in undamaged condition. When you return something, attach details about the order number and if you want to exchange the item or get the money back. The right of withdrawal does not apply to CDs or if the packaging is opened or the seal is broken. The right of exchange and return does not apply to underwear either. When returning or exchanging goods, you pay the return shipping cost yourself. The cheapest way to send back in addition to regular mail is mail order return, then you enter the package ID number and Posten prints an address tag with the correct address information. Remember to save the package number in order to track your return. If it is a complaint due to damaged goods or that we dispatched the wrong item, we will refund you for the return shipping, while we will refund what you have placed for the item. Once you have paid by credit card and want to return your item, we will make a return to the credit card used for the purchase. If you have been on postal payments, we need the name of a bank, clearing and account number so that we can make a deposit in your account.
If you have questions about something, want help or check how your order is going, you can always reach us at tel 036-123131 or jive@jivecompany.se


When you as a consumer shop in a store you have no legal right to undo the purchase. If, on the other hand, you buy something by mail order, by telephone, TV, the Internet or at home sales, you have 14 days of right of withdrawal within Sweden. Through the Distance Contracts Act, which became effective in 2000, you have received enhanced consumer protection in so-called distance contracts and home sales agreements. Among other things, the law requires the trader to provide information and new rules on the consumer’s right of withdrawal.


Om du köper en vara på postorder eller via telefon, TV-shop eller Internet, har du enligt distansavtalslagen en ångerrätt som ger dig möjlighet att inom 14 dagar ångra köpet. Efter det att du har skickat tillbaka varan ska näringsidkaren snarast, och senast inom 30 dagar, betala tillbaka det du har betalat.
Ångerfristen börjar löpa den dag du tagit emot varan, och när det gäller en tjänst den dag då avtalet om tjänsten träffades.
Ångerfristen börjar dock inte löpa förrän du fått den information som säljaren enligt lagen är skyldig att ge dig. Du har bland annat rätt att få information om din ångerrätt. Du får själv betala returkostnaderna när du sänder tillbaka varan. Näringsidkaren ska alltid betala returkostnaden för att sända tillbaka så kallade ersättningsvaror.
Om näringsidkaren inte hämtar varan eller materialet eller fullgör hela sin betalningsskyldighet inom tre månader från den dag då ångerfristen började löpa, får du behålla varan eller materialet utan att betala något.


The trader must leave the goods or, if it is a service, complete the assignment within 30 days from the day you placed your order. However, it is possible to agree on another reasonable time limit for delivery. If the trader does not deliver on time and this is not up to you, then you have the right to cancel the contract. If the product you purchased is incorrect or if the service has not been performed professionally, you have the right to advertise with the support of the Consumer Purchasing Act and the Consumer Services Act.
If you cancel the contract, the trader is obliged to return what you have paid. This should be done as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days from the day the trader received your notice of cancellation.